John D. Pierce

Several years ago, on the day before a scheduled interview with President Carter, his assistant sent an email asking if I would be bringing a “staff photographer.”

I replied: “Yes, but there will be a total of one person present.” I went on to explain that our publication has a very small staff, unlike many newspapers and magazines.

So, in one sense, photography is a necessity for me. But it has become a creative outlet as well — one I enjoy very much. Storytelling can be greatly enhanced by the right combination of image and word.

Many of my photos, like those on the home page, are vertical because I must have a cover photo each month. However, the galleries that follow have a mixture of subjects and camera angles.

My favorite photo, featured on this page, was taken in 2005 in Stratford by the Avon, the hometown of William Shakespeare. I love the way this older couple is comfortably together yet lost in their own thoughts. The ice cream, some of which dots the man’s face, and the daydreaming seem to have suspended time for them.

Often I yearn for that kind of escape from schedules, clocks and deadlines.